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When you’re choosing a service provider for your company, it’s nice to know that other people are already having a positive experience!  We therefore offer all of our customers the opportunity to leave us feedback for the world to see!  Nothing says “Trust” than open and honest reviews!

  • It started with a dislike of our previous ordering system. There was no personalization, no control and no one we could get hold of in any sort of speed. One of our delivery drivers works for Infinity Menus and demonstrated what they could do for us and honestly, the system itself was great, but our kitchen staff struggle to read English and it wasn’t the clearest receipt for them to read. Our driver said they also offered a brand new service for customised receipts. If we didn’t like the default receipt, we could create our own.
    We trialled the system using just the free Facebook page menu for a few weeks and the custom receipts were much better than the horrible tickets we got from our previous supplier. It was then that we decided to move our business completely to Infinity Menus. Now we have custom receipts, online payments and a fantastic website for our customers to order from. Before moving to Infinity Menus, our online orders were on a tiny screen, printed very small and made things very hard to see. Now we use a small tablet to run the order taking app, everything is incredibly clear and the receipts we had designed are so professional we would recommend anyone to use them! We have started asking our customers what they think about our new online ordering system and so far, everyone has loved it! The fact that it has images as well as text is actually helping us sell more on each order!

  • Working with Dom at Infinity Menus has had a huge impact on our business. We have seen a steady increase in trade from using Dom's website, Facebook and online marketing services. Dom consistently goes over and above what we would expect from a service provider - it seems as though he cares about our business as if it were his own. He checks in very regularly to trouble shoot any problems we may be having and is creative in his approach when helping us look at new ways to improve our current business and create new business. All in all we cannot recommend Dom and Infinity Menus highly enough. Keep up the top work guys!

  • I just opened my restaurant and needed something to help out with my take out orders. Thank god I found this system. It is extremely easy to use, very user friendly, and has many different features. It is very vital and essential to move forward in the restaurant business and I am completely satisfied!

  • I’ve been looking for an online ordering system that is easy to use while being affordable for a long time. I’ve looked at many others that seemed to be filled with features that were too complex to figure out for a non-technical guy like me with a hefty monthly fee associated with it. Then I came across infinity menus and to my surprise it was just as easy to set up and use as it showed in the video. My sales have increased substantially and the feedback I get from my customers thanking me for having an online ordering option has been tremendous. I can’t say enough great things about Infinity menus and the simple price structure that they offer is unbeatable. Thanks for making my life easier.


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